Assessor FAQ

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Town & County tax bills are available online at

School tax bills you will need to contact your school districts office directly.

For 2018 school year, your 2016 income (proof of income required) cannot exceed $86,000 (taxable income, minus IRA distributions).

** Please note: this amount changes per year.

This is for the Enhanced Star program.  You may fill out a form and return it to the Assessor & Assessors' Office to have the state verify your income (as long as you file a state income tax each year) you will not have to re-file each year with the Assessor & Assessors' Office.

Your complete current year income (proof of all income required) would have to be $26,900 or lower.  You are allowed to deduct your current year medical out of pocket expenses (proof of payment required).

New Homeowners will register with the state at

Renewal Exemptions:  Will file with the Assessor & Assessors' Office by the Taxable Status deadline of March 1st.

The exemption may be granted despite the fact that the owner lives in a nursing home rather than his or her own home, as long as no one other than a co-owner or a spouse of the owner resides on the premises.  The income of the owner in the nursing home must be considered in determining whether the income eligibility requirement is satisfied.