New Hartford Highway News from Highway Superintendent Richard Sherman

Published on May 22, 2018 at 10:09a.m.

New Hartford Highway News from Highway Superintendent Richard Sherman


As I start June’s newsletter by saying thank you for being patient for the last 4-5 weeks as the heavy wet snow brought down trees along with the wind storms this spring. Everyone in my crew is out picking brush and sweeping the roads behind them. The town has picked up 195 loads of brush so far and we are not done with the heavy amounts as of May 15th.


Just a reminder the town board as brought back curb side back to the town residences and this starts in the month of June. Area A will be picked June 4th thru the 8th. Have your trash out on Sunday night June 3rd.               Area B will be picked up June 11th thru the 15th have your trash out Sunday the 10th.Area C will be picked up June 18th thru 22nd have your trash out on Sunday June 17th. Area D will be picked up on June 25th thru June 29th have your trash out on Sunday the June 24th. Please don’t put out your trash early, wait for your week to do so. There is no Tag or drop off at the highway garage for the month of June it will resume in the month of July. On July 14th The Town Highway will again provide the CONFIDATA DESTRUCTION SERVICE at the highway garage from 8:00am to 12:00 Noon. Limit to 5 Boxes per person.


The Town of New Hartford will be paving the roads listed below for our 2018 paving season. The town is prioritizing the roads based upon the limited financial resources available. The highway crew will begin work on these roads in the months of July and August. The roads that were paved last year will be getting a slurry coat of asphalt over them. This process will be starting in the beginning of June by our paving vendor Suit - Kote.

Ney Ave.                                                                   Harrogate Rd

Pinecrest                                                                   Bromwich

Sycamore Entrance                                                   Gateshead Rd                                                 

Compton Rd                                                             Ontario

Irvin Rd                                                                     N.Slusser

Willowvale Ave.                                                       N.Wilbur Rd

Brooks Lane                                                              Ruth Ave

Kavod Tabor Ln.                                                       Erie

Oneida St under Rt 8                                                 Gerry Ave

Ellenwood Ct.                                                            Ora

Neal’s Gulf Patch


Slurry Roads below are



Janet Terr


Humphrey Terr

Center Terr

Bradley Rd


In the town of New Hartford we have 7 pump stations for pumping sewage to an upper level sewer main. We have 2 in Applewood Community, 1 on Homestead Ct, 1 on Concord Blvd, 1 in The Estates Dr., 1 on Arlington Terr. And 1 on Camden Way. The residence in these area’s with pump stations need to know that the handi wipes, mop heads, plug the pumps and stop pumping. These pumps have 35-40 hp motors and the pumps still will not dissolve these. So please check what items that you are flushing down the toilets.

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