Parks Renovation Project

Parks Renovation Project

Projects that will be Completed

Sherrillbrook Park

Pickle Ball Courts

Dog Park Drainage

Dog Park Equipment upgrade

Play ground Equipment upgrade with new fencing

Relocation of basketball court and upgrade

Renovate Bathroom

Install New Roofs on all Pavilions

Upgrade Pavilions

Design and build 2 new Pavilions for Farmers Market

Upgrade signs

Upgrade and create new indoor pavilion for parties

Renovate concession stand building

Design and install area for Picnic in the Park and town events

Install drainage pipe in very wet areas

Purchase and build new bleachers

Install recycling bins

Chadwick's Park

Redesign parking area for safety and capacity

Install new LED lighting

Install new roof on main pavilion

Install new blacktop for parking area

Install new change machine for splash pad

Install recycling bins

 Washington Mills Athletic Park

Install and extend parking area for safety

Paint Buildings

Upgrade Lighting with LED

Paint Pavilion

Upgrade picnic area

Install boulders in front of fishing dock to protect during floods

Install recycling bins

HNY Asbestos Survey Sherrillbrook Park Office.pdf